Saturday, January 22, 2011

Woo-Hoo Herald-Sun Review

This is a review of "Catch a Falling Star" written by Cheryl Critchley that appeared in the Weekend liftout of the Herald-Sun on Saturday January 22, 2011:

...Many 40-somethings will see themselves in this gritty tale about 1980s life in Melbourne's inner suburbs.
Nick Walpole is a largely rudderless young muso who grew up in the suburbs and dreams of rock stardom.
But much of his young adulthood is spent chasing broken dreams in rundown share houses with several failed relationships and even less successful attempts to get his rock band off the ground.
The many pop culture references will have readers reminiscing, but also squirming if they made similar mistakes in their 20s. Notable for its absence of technology,"Catch a Falling Star" also shows just how much Melbourne's youth culture has changed.

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