Friday, January 7, 2011

Here's an abridged version of Clare-Allan Kamil's original assesment of "Catch a Falling Star" for Sid Harta publishers:
'Peter Haywood's Catch a Falling Star is from the title out, an account of how it is to deal with a life dream that is being slowly strangled and stymied. Overall this is an entirely brave and generous look at the ebb and flow of friendships and what they are based on. The author's attention to detail in unpacking how these alliances are formed, how they deliver us from and to new vista's, how they float and dam and force us through the stages that lead to self recognition and the kind of acceptance required to allow love to form and develop us as people is highly developed and engaging. In parts this is a grim book because it considers and examines the paths to and dangers of disconnection. What happens to Nick as he slowly loses control of his life is a parable of that saying that 'The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.' This novel connects the reader to an often colourful, regularly bleak and consistently darkly humorous recounting of how we reach out and struggle with and accomplish and lose and come to understand the lives we live. The whole thing is anchored to a narrative about growing up in the awakening of an otherwise creatively arid Australia in the late 70's and 80's.
In the end there is something of the deeply spiritual in what happens to Nicky Nova. He epitomizes that truth that in our destruction we may find our greatest source of light - like the stars really. I sincerely wish the author well with this his first novel which is interesting, layered, erudite and entirely entertaining.'

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  1. Hi Peter, I have done a write up of Catch a Falling Star.