Monday, January 10, 2011

Deleted Excerpt Two

This latest deleted excerpt occurs when Nick first meets Jemma at a party , and would have appeared in Chapter 2 on page 17:

'Jemma is going to be a famous actress', Tom said, grinning a little patronisingly.
'Is that right'? I replied, suitably impressed.
'Well, I've starred in a lot of local amateur theatre', she said.
'Are you working on anything at the moment'? I asked.
'Yesss Dohlink, I'm starring as vulgar Olga from the Volga', she replied, dropping her voice down to a husky baritone, and slipping seamlessly into an Eastern European accent.
'Who's that'? I asked.
Meeting my slightly bemused expression with her smouldering gaze, she replied,
'Olga is a man-eating femme fatale who is Superman's nemesis in "Man of Steel". It's a comedy version of Superman, a children's pantomime'.
'Oh,so you like performing in pants'? I said cheekily.
'Or out of them', she fired back immediately, without even the slightest trace of embarrassment.
'Vulgar Olga sounds pretty funny', I complimented her, becoming more and more intrigued by the allure of this confident woman.
'Well, amateur theatre's fine, but one day I'm hoping to break into television and film'. 

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