Sunday, February 6, 2011

Deleted Excerpt Four

This one is from Chapter 42, page 284:

"Have you seen Shane lately"? asked Jemma, her eyes lighting up expectantly.
"No. But I have been seeing a fair bit of his mum since I moved back home. Did you know that she and Shane's dad have split up"?
"No, I didn't hear about that", Jemma replied, sounding genuinely surprised. "That's a shame. I really liked them".
"I like her...he's a PIG", I snapped. "What happened was, he was screwing around with some student at the Uni where he lectures, and Shane's mum got wind of it and kicked him out of the house. Now she's living there in that big place all alone".
I could see that Jemma was taking this all in with great interest, so I continued.
"I've been writing a screenplay, and I go down there every day and read her updates that I've written. It's about a high-profile footy player who gets discovered by a big, cigar-chomping Hollywood producer stroke impresario,who takes him to L.A. to be a movie star, and a rock'n'roll singer", I gushed rapidly, winding myself up so that the words were spilling off my tongue almost too fast for me to keep up with them, as they always do when I get excited.
"Whoa, steady on there Nick old kid", Jemma said, swaying backwards out of line of the verbal barrage, and holding up her arm like a boom gate.
"What's the matter? Don't you like my idea"?? I asked, a little hurt.
"It's not that. Geez, why do you take everything so personally"? She replied.
"It's just that I'm sure Pam has a lot on her plate right now, what with the breakup and everything. And she probably doesn't appreciate you wandering down there and regailing her with the Mark Jackson story on a daily basis".

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