Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oz Writers Rock

Kelly McLean  runs a website called http://www.australianwritersrock.com/ designed to promote local authors, as the name suggests. She recently wrote this about "Catch a Falling Star":
A great novel. A powerfully depictive novel which draws you into '80's Australian garage band days, David Bowie and pop-culture. The novel cleverly takes you on a journey with Nicky Nova (aka Nicholas Walpole) on his journey from Bowie-obsessed youngster through garage band days and beyond. Peter's depiction of Melbourne in the '80's is masterful, and you are drawn along a very personal journey. It almost reads like a memoir. Very well written, a really enjoyable work which is going to hold its place on my shelf of Australian favourites.

You can read Kelly's reviews of this and other Oz books at the above address 

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