Saturday, November 13, 2010


Nicky Nova is a Bowie-obsessed young man growing up in Melbourne in the early 1980's.
Nicky moves into a big, ramshackle share house in Lygon Street, Carlton, with a bunch of musician friends.
He forms a band and dreams of becoming a world famous rock'n'roll star.
But is the band as hell-bent on fame and fortune as their singer? Loaded with pop culture references,
"Catch a Falling Star" is part cautionary tale, part travelogue of a recent bygone era of skinny ties, leg-warmers and big hair.
This is a post-punk story about friendship and betrayal, the impossible dreams of youth, and the compromises we must make in order to survive. If you've ever put together a garage band and dreamed of bigger things; if you've lived through the bohemian grunge and fractious ego mix of the inner-suburban share house experience; if you have fond memories of the heady excesses of the '80's, you will love "Catch a Falling Star".

Published by Sid Harta
ISBN: 1-921642-38-6
RRP: $24.95 AUD.


  1. Tell me where I can get a copy please.

  2. To Louise and Anonymous,
    If you live in Melbourne you can buy it at any of Reading's branches: (Carlton,Hawthorn,Malvern,St.Kilda or Port Melbourne)as well as the Book Talk Cafe in Swan st. Richmond,Metropolis Books,level 3 Curtin House,Swanston st. Melbourne,or Polyester Books in Brunswick st. Fitzroy.
    If you don't live in Melbourne, you can buy it online at